Top Accessories You Will Need on Your Boat This Summer

Top Accessories You Will Need on Your Boat This Summer

Whether you love it or hate it, the summer season has officially kicked off. For many, this may mean that long beach days and an endless amount of BBQ nights are on the way. But for boat owners in Malta, it means that they can finally get to take their boat out for a ride, taking advantage of the smooth seas whilst enjoying the fresh summer breeze out at sea.

If you are a boat owner yourself, it is important to ensure that you are all geared up for the summer season. Whilst having a boat insurance is key, there are a number of other accessories that are crucial to have at hand this summer. Read on to find out what you should equip yourself with!

An appropriate pair of sunglasses

Being a boat owner means you are likely to be out in the sunshine for long. Of course, long exposure to the sun’s dangerous rays can have detrimental effects on your eyes, especially on the water where the perils are higher, due to the glare of the water. Having a suitable pair of sunglasses is, therefore, a must. Polarised lenses that reduce the glare, curved lenses that prohibit rays from coming straight into your eyes, and frames made from durable materials, are amongst the key features of a good boating sunglasses.

A light-weight hat

A hat is another essential item that protects you from the sweltering sun. Hats made from lightweight and quick-drying materials are generally the best type of hats. You can even go that extra mile and get a hat with a cord to keep it from flying away on windy days, or one which is able to float!

A good pair of footwear

Whilst you may opt to stay barefoot while out at sea, this is not recommended as you will be exposing your feet to several injuries and burns.  At the same time, you should not wear just any shoes. Footwear that is comfortable, waterproof and one that has a tight grip is the most ideal for your cruising days.

A waterproof mobile phone case

It is true that nowadays various phones are waterproof, however, if your phone is not, it will be at a high risk when you’re surrounded by nothing but water. The best way to protect your phone from the water is by getting your hands on a waterproof phone case. This can also enable you to snap some underwater photos!

A floatable keychain

This can be a true life-saver for boat owners. By far, its most popular use is to avoid the unfortunate situation of losing your boat key; a situation that can cost you plenty of cash, take numerous hours to replace, or worse, leave you stranded.  This keychain will conveniently keep your key floating, saving you from having to sink to the bottom of the water looking for your precious boat key.

Of course, apart from these items, a high protection sun-cream, a handy first aid kit, and a Swiss Army knife are always useful to have in store. These simple accessories may perhaps seem redundant at first, however, they should not be overlooked as they guarantee that your boat trip goes as smooth as possible!

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