5 Must-Have Apps for New Homeowners

5 Must-Have Apps for New Homeowners

As thrilling as it is, buying a new home also brings along countless responsibilities, often leaving you feeling super overwhelmed.  Start managing your homeowner duties more efficiently with the help of the following smart apps promising to make life a tad easier!

1. Houzz: For home design inspiration

Seek inspiration on all things home design by browsing the millions of photos of home interiors and exteriors available on Houzz. On top of that, millions of products and materials are also up for grabs. These come with a 3D feature allowing you to see how a particular product would look like in your house, ensuring you achieve perfect harmony in all your rooms. Houzz also lets you connect with the best home professionals to assist you on your project, read articles from design experts and get advice from the Houzz community.

2. Manualslib: For easy access to user manuals

With the ManualsLib app, you don’t have to wrack your brain remembering where (or if) you had stored your washing machine’s, television’s or air conditioning’s user manual. This life-changing app lets you search for manuals by device/product name for free with limitless viewing and reading. What’s more, you can also save them to “My Manuals” to be able to refer to them at a later stage or even view them offline. The cherry on the cake to this app is its search feature- no need to flip through a hundred-paged manual to find out how to change the language from Chinese to English anymore!

3. Magic Home Inventory: For the ultimate organisation

Are you a super-organised individual with a keen interest on lists? If the answer’s yes, you’re going to love this next one. Let us introduce you to the Magic Home Inventory app which helps you maintain a list of stuff you have, with an efficient interface and easy navigation. This becomes extremely handy especially if you’re still moving houses and would like to keep track of which box contains what or you need to provide an inventory of valuable items for Home Insurance purposes. Or you’re simply curious to discover how many pens you have lying around the house.

4. JouleBug: For a sustainable lifestyle

Save money and be kinder to our planet with the JouleBug app. This app guides you on the best practices and habits you can pick up to master sustainability in relation to energy, water, waste, transportation, food and drink, shopping and more. When you achieve one of such sustainability tips, you can simply go to the app and ‘buzz’ it in as well as share it with your friends to encourage them to make a difference too.

5. Neighbours: For that social life boost

As its name explicitly implies, the Neighbours app makes it easy for local community members to connect and share information. An impressive feature of this app is the so-called Panic Button. Upon signing up to the app, users can create or be added to a Panic Group so that in case of an emergency, one can push the Panic Button and the other members of the group will be immediately notified of the sender’s current location.

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