Tips for Apartment Living with Dogs

Tips for Apartment Living with Dogs

What more can one ask for than arriving home to be welcomed by a furry friend who shows you nothing but unconditional love? Pets, especially dogs, offer one a unique company that is incomparable, which explains why many people increasingly prefer their roommate to be of the canine variety.

Despite common beliefs, living in an apartment with a dog is still a feasible endeavour, provided that a little foresight and planning is involved. Read our guide for apartment living with dogs to ensure that your lodging does not get in the way of you and your furry friend!

1. Communicate with your landlord

If you’re renting, it is of crucial importance to, first and foremost, inform your landlord about your pooch. Due to a variety reasons, sometimes legal, some landlords will have particular requirements about what size and breed of dogs are allowed in their property. Of course, although it may last for a while, it is not realistic to sneak your dog into an apartment which is not dog-friendly. Eventually your landlord will find out and you will very likely find yourself in a difficult situation of having to choose between your apartment and your pup.

2. Devote time for your dog every day

Daily leash time is essential for dogs and this is especially true for those who live in a small space. Thus, do not deny your dog its daily time of exercise. Include dog walks as part of your daily routine, ideally more than once a day, and for those extremely busy days, consider hiring a professional dog walker.

3. Make sure your dog is current on vaccinations and parasite preventives

Many apartment buildings have shared yard areas, which children and other people use. Thus, making sure your dog is free from parasites and vaccinated properly is key, in order to prevent any parasitic or infectious diseases.

4. Try to opt for the first floor

Living on the first floor is very convenient for pet owners. It will save you from the nuisance of having to go up and down long flight of stairs (or the elevator) whenever it’s time for your pup’s bathroom break. This is also ideal if you own heavy or high-energy dogs that run and jump a lot, as these can be a bother for the people living below you.

5. Think it through and be realistic

Although it is possible to live with dogs in an apartment, one needs to keep in mind that certain dog breeds are not exactly suited to apartment life. The truth is that certain large breeds will not fit well in tiny spaces.

However, size is not the only factor. Energetic dogs may also struggle greatly when confined to small spaces, with their frustration often translating into destructive behaviours like chewing. You will find that large dogs with mellow temperaments will be better off living in an apartment than smaller, high-energy dogs such as toy poodles and terriers that bark a lot.

Of course, owning a dog always requires responsibility and commitment, regardless of your housing situation. Living in an apartment with your pup simply requires a little bit more effort and consideration. However, once these needs are met, your furry room-mate is guaranteed to provide you with daily joy and love!

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