Alternative holidays to consider this year

Alternative holidays to consider this year

So, you’ve been saving up all your holiday leave to splurge on a great holiday this year.  You’ve been researching new destinations and holiday experiences for months.  And as soon as you’re about to book your much awaited trip, multiple countries close their borders.  A rock festival might not be on the cards this year.  Perhaps not even that trip to Ibiza’s nightclubs.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many alternative holidays you can take.  And with many of these vacation ideas, you don’t even need to leave your own country!

We’ve been advised multiple times, that when travelling this summer, it’s important to avoid crowded areas. This is easier said than done and is especially simpler for those who can afford to fly private.  But for the rest of us who want to relax and take a much-needed break from the bad news around us, there are still some options available.

To help you plan a stress-free social distancing vacation, we’ve come up with some ideas for alternative holidays that don’t break the bank.



Camping is a great way to not only break off from the world, but to experience the outdoors, learn new skills, and really get back in contact with nature.  It’s a great way to make memories whilst roasting marshmallows over an open fire, bonding with loved ones whilst fishing and, if you’re lucky, losing internet access on your phone for real peace of mind. Always remember to keep the area as clean as you found it.


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Holiday Villas

If camping is not for you, consider renting a holiday villa instead of booking a room in a hotel.  This way, you won’t meet other tourists in the lobby or the breakfast area, and you might even have your own swimming pool so that you can avoid trips to crowded beaches and still enjoy being away from it all.


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A sailing holiday does not need to break the bank.  Sailing boats are much cheaper than chartering motorboats and offer much more of a sea life experience.  Similar to camping, a sailing boat charter holiday allows you to isolate from the crowds whilst experiencing nature at its finest. You don’t even need to stop at a crowded beach, because all around you you’ll find endless miles of inviting water.  You also get the best sunset views onboard a boat with a gorgeous reflection in the water added for double the experience.


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Road trip

If you’re not keen on experiencing nature or anything in the wild, then why not consider a road trip?  Driving yourself around will guarantee that you do not need to wait at crowded train stations or get on packed buses, and you can make your own itinerary as you go.


And whilst you’re on holiday, there are loads of other activities you can do that don’t involve big crowds, especially with some amendments.  Why not go to a private spot and snorkel rather than taking a group tour?  How about hiking instead of visiting crowded landmarks?  Paragliding, surfing and scuba diving are all activities that can be enjoyed without having to queue in crowded areas. Avoid the tours this year, and look towards the beaten track.


You never know, you might enjoy these alternative holidays more than the one you were originally planning as well as have more time to bond with your loved ones.  If you do opt to travel overseas this year, be sure to check for any restrictions. Whatever the holiday experience you choose, make sure to keep safe, and if you’re using your own boat or car, ensure that your vehicle is adequately covered with insurance.  Get a quote for boat insurance or a motor insurance package from Laferla or ask for more information.