Airports, Bad Weather and You

Airports, Bad Weather and You

Winter vacations have a magic all their own.  Snowy mountains, cosy ski lodges, and invigorating outdoor sports beckon during the Winter season. If you have booked that flight and are ready for a holiday, congratulations!  Before you head out, however, get savvy about airport travel.  Bad weather plays particular havoc with planes this time of year.  Avoid tedious delays or slumber parties at the airport by following our tips and purchasing the right travel insurance for your trip!

Choose Late Night Flights

Whilst we are blessed with a relatively mild winter in Malta, travelling overseas can bring all sorts of severe weather. Snowstorms are the most obvious threat to airports, but hail, wind shear, icing, and low visibility can also spoil the fun.  While there aren’t any guaranteed solutions to avoiding bad weather and closures, some strategies can improve your risk exposure.  For example, worsening conditions tend to suspend later departures than earlier ones.  Be a prepared traveller and take that morning flight!  Direct routes are another good option because layovers increase your chances of getting snowbound.  Alternative choices like these make airport travel less unpredictable.


Take Instant Action

Airport delays and cancellations easily rack up when pilots make unscheduled diversions.  If extreme winter weather grounds your flight, taking instant action can reduce additional stress.  Whip out your mobile phone and call the nearest hotel.  Everyone else will be doing the same once they recover from the bad news, so beat them to it.  You should also ask an airline representative about refunds or vouchers.  It’s always worth inquiring about free hotel rooms or other compensation options.  For one thing, airlines typically won’t volunteer information about discounts.  For another, many people dislike haggling.  Using initiative can sometimes make all the difference!

Head to the VIP Lounge

If flights and airports are shutting down, try heading for the VIP lounge.  While many people assume these secluded zones are off limits, some airlines sell day passes. The benefits—faster wifi, comfortable chairs, and snacks—are obvious, but don’t overlook the lounge’s dedicated airline representative.  While everyone outside encounters overwhelmed employees and busy phone lines, you will probably receive better service.  Tricks like these are your best defence against winter airport blues.

Finally, think about getting quality travel insurance.  Weather and airports are notoriously unpredictable, but Laferla provides ready compensation for disappointments like cancellation, abandonment, delay, and more.  Click here to get a free online quote for Laferla Travel Insurance.