7 Ways to Make Your Maltese Home More Sustainable

7 Ways to Make Your Maltese Home More Sustainable

Extreme temperatures and ‘out-of-place’ weather conditions are just two of the warning signs that we are currently experiencing because of climate change. We spend a lot of time at our own respective homes, more so now with a lot of companies switching to hybrid situations and providing working from home options. That is why making your home more sustainable is one of the best ways you can have a positive impact on the environment.

Here are seven ways how you can make your Maltese home more sustainable and eco-friendly.

1. Energy-efficient light bulbs

Replacing old filament bulbs with energy-saving ones is an easy switch. While previously energy-saving light bulbs had the reputation for not giving as much light, you will barely notice the difference nowadays with the improvements in technology. Not only do these bulbs use less electricity, but they also do not need to be replaced as often as regular light bulbs. They might be a tad more expensive than traditional bulbs but you will get more use out of them in the long run.

Energy saving light bulbs

2. Be mindful about switching off lights

Switching off lights and appliances when they are not in use is a very underrated activity that can help save the environment. While this sounds fairly obvious, you will be surprised at how many times you will leave the lights on in a room when they are not necessarily needed. You can also invest in motion sensor light bulbs to help you with this task.

3. Get those solar panels

Solar panels might seem like a costly long-term investment at the start but your savings can be huge and the impact it has on the environment is even greater. If you do your research right, you will end up saving more money than you spend on your solar panels. Moreover, what better country than Malta to make the most of the good weather and sunny days, almost all year round?!

4. Insulate your home

The Maltese summer months are scorching but, although temperatures are rarely ever below zero in winter, our homes can get pretty darn cold! To avoid the hassle of heaters, double glaze your windows to maintain temperature control. A well-insulated home will also take less energy to reheat your space when you need to.

5. Save water

While taking a shower seems more efficient than taking a bath, spending 20 minutes under a blasting shower head is not taking care of your environment either! You will save more money and energy if you opt for a low-flow showerhead. Also, be mindful of the time you spend under the water too!

Saving Water

6. Opt for energy-efficient appliances

Old appliances will be the death of you…and the environment! They are not efficient and they will also make your electricity bills rise! Newer appliances are more efficient. The first thing to update should be your fridge, especially if you have had it for more than five years. Your fridge can account for more than 20% of your home electric bill.

7. Curtains over blinds

While blinds are more fashionable, do not disregard having thicker curtains in certain rooms, especially bedrooms. They can be an incredible energy conserver in the hot summer months, helping to keep rooms darker and cooler. Alternatively, curtains will also keep your home cosy and warm in the cold winter months.

Bonus Tip: Recycle and compost!

There are different ways in which you can recycle around the house. You can start with your rubbish bins but it can go further than that. Buying furniture made from recycled wood, or other materials, can be more eco-friendly than buying new. You will still be getting a new product but it has been made more mindfully. You can also turn any food waste and kitchen scraps into compost which you can use for your garden.


These energy-saving tips will help you make slow and steady choices to save the environment, while also saving money on your electricity and water bills!

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