7 Ways a Morning Walk Can Boost Your Productivity at Work

7 Ways a Morning Walk Can Boost Your Productivity at Work

When you first wake up, moving around might not be your main priority. But starting your day with a walk can provide your body with a number of health advantages, whether it’s a stroll around your neighbourhood or a part of your commute to work or school. In fact, you can hit two birds with one stone here because a morning walk is beneficial for your health and it can boost your productivity at work too!

Here are 7 ways a morning walk can help you be more productive in the workplace, helping you achieve your goals and helping the company succeed in theirs!


Provides mental clarity

A morning stroll may improve your ability to concentrate throughout the day and your mental clarity. According to recent studies, elderly persons who began their days with a morning stroll had better cognitive performance than those who stayed inactive. This means it will do the same to you! Before beginning, take a moment for yourself. Start the day off on the right foot…go for a walk by yourself or with your colleagues.


Boosts your creativity

You might think more creatively after a walk, making you more productive and creative during your work day. Walking promotes a free flow of thoughts, enhancing your creative thinking, ideation and problem-solving skills. This is particularly true if you stroll in nature. If you’ve been walking the same route and need an extra dose of creativity, try changing your route to keep things fresh and exciting.


Improves focus

When it comes to your health, there are countless advantages to walking. Regular morning walks can enhance your body’s ability to absorb oxygen and circulate blood. It thus increases brain volume and promotes cognitive performance while also improving your focus and reducing brain fog. Blowing off some steam in the morning will give you the ability to concentrate on the task at hand and make more informed decisions.


Improves your mood

A morning walk will get your blood pumping and after you finish your daily dose of the great outdoors, you will immediately feel more energised and productive throughout the day. A walk may also help with your self-esteem, anxiety, and fatigue, and also ease depression symptoms or reduce the risk of depression. You can also try and think of daily affirmations and things that you’re grateful for during your walk.


Reduces your stress levels

Walking can clearly improve your mood and, in turn, reduce your stress levels. Dedicate your daily walk as a moment of mindfulness before your hectic day starts. Studies show that people who engage in a daily walk or some form of physical activity have better emotional health than those who do not exercise regularly.


Gives you a chance to reflect on your goals for the day

You can simply use your walk to organise your thoughts and set your intentions and goals for the day. Walking outdoors can give you mental clarity on the best way you can achieve these goals and also gives you time to plan the best way to get through your to-do list for the day.


Get your exercise in before your workday

One advantage of going for a stroll first thing in the morning is that you’ll get your daily dose of exercise done before you head to the office for, at least, 8 hours of sitting at your desk.

Healthy individuals are advised to engage in 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. Try to go for a 20 to 30-minute walk on most mornings and you’re already one step in the right direction!


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