7 Foods that Help Ease Stress and Anxiety

7 Foods that Help Ease Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two common medical conditions which you are likely to experience at some point in your life. They are interrelated to one another as while stress is a response to a threatening situation, anxiety is a reaction to this stress. Consulting your doctor about what you are experiencing is always the best way to go, however, research has shown that eating certain types of food may also be highly beneficial to your health and well-being.

Read on to discover which foods are said to be natural remedies for reducing stress and anxiety.

1. Chamomile Tea

Very often, you hear people recommending a cup of chamomile tea to someone who is experiencing insomnia. However, apart for treating sleeplessness, chamomile tea also helps reduce stress and anxiety. This is mainly due to its ability to calm the muscles and decrease irritability and bad temper. Including this soothing tea in your daily routine is said to drastically reduce your anxiety symptoms in just a few weeks!

2. Turkey

Many who celebrate Christmas day with delicious plump turkey have reported that after indulging  on this special day, they feel unusually tired. The reason behind this is due to the amino acid, known as tryptophan, which is found in turkey. Apart from inducing tiredness, tryptophan in the form of meat has also been shown to nurture calmness and reduce anxiety. So why not include turkey as one of your meals occasionally? After all, turkey isn’t just for Christmas!

3. Avocados

With the benefits this fruit provides for health in general, it is not surprising that it has become so trendy and sought-after. Avocados happen to be rich in B vitamins which help relieve stress and anxiety. As an added bonus, avocados are also high in healthy fats and potassium and thus, play a significant role in lowering blood pressure.

4. Asparagus

asparagus - 7 Foods that Help Ease Stress and Anxiety

Similarly, the advantageous B vitamin folic acid is found in asparagus, a vitamin which people affected by anxiety and depression tend to have a lack of in their bodies. However, boosting this folic acid should not be so difficult considering a cupful of asparagus provides around 65% of your daily value of folic acid. There is also a variety of recipes out there containing asparagus that are quick, easy and delicious!

5. Dark Chocolate

Fortunately for all chocolate lovers, this one is more than just a myth. Scientific research has shown that when taken in moderation, dark chocolate can actually help with anxiety. This is because people affected by anxiety and depression suffer from a lack of serotonin in their bodies. This same serotonin is released from the sugar found in chocolate and hence, after eating some dark chocolate, people are more likely to feel at peace. In addition, the magnesium found in dark chocolate may also help control anxiety.

6. Blueberries and oatmeal

Start off your day on the right foot by preparing a nutritious yet delectable breakfast including oatmeal and a handful of blueberries. Both these ingredients will help you beat your morning stress and anxiety as while oatmeal includes the tranquilizing hormone of serotonin in it, blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

7. Almonds

We all enjoy nibbling, don’t we? But next time you will feel like a quick bite to eat, opt for a healthy snack like almonds as opposed to something fatty, such as crisps. On top of being a cholesterol-reduction snack, almonds have also been proven to relieve stress due to their high levels of vitamins B2 and E.

Along with incorporating this diverse list of foods in your diet, keep in mind that exercising will always be beneficial to your health. Various studies have shown that regular exercise improves moods, reduces feelings of anxiety and stress, and ultimately, helps you develop a more positive outlook on life.

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