6 Ways to Make Your Office in Malta More Sustainable

6 Ways to Make Your Office in Malta More Sustainable

Although safeguarding our Earth should always be at the top of our minds, the upcoming Earth Day reminds us that there are several ways for companies and employees to adopt environmentally-friendly policies. Going green in the office isn’t as costly or as difficult as you might think!

With a few simple swaps and some greener habits, your office in Malta will be on its way to earning some serious brownie points for becoming more sustainable. Here are six simple ways your company can go green.

1. Go paperless

One of the simplest and most efficient things to do in an office to become more sustainable is to go paperless. While this tip might seem trivial to some since we are living in a heavily digital age, you will be surprised at how many offices still print countless of hardcopy emails and documents that can easily be stored in cloud storage. You can diminish the temptation to print by reducing the number of printers in your office and donating them to non-profit organisations in need.

2. Turn off the lights!

If your office has natural lighting, then this tip will heavily work in your favour. Make the most of natural light as this will save energy and money on your electricity bills. Replace all traditional light bulbs with energy-saving ones and/or you can also install motion-sensor lights which will save energy naturally while also becoming less dependent on your employees to switch off the lights.

3. Buy items in bulk

In reality, buying items in bulk will save money and eliminate unnecessary waste in the long run. If your company provides complimentary kitchen items like sugar, cream, salt, pepper, and others, buying in bulk will prevent employees from wasting the product since they will be pouring the exact amount that they require, rather than having to waste half an individual packet. However, beware…buying in bulk can get messy so make sure that you pour these items into a reusable glass jar to reduce spillage.

4. Invest in reusable utensils for your office kitchen

Reusable silverware and utensils are inexpensive and a good way to cut down on plastic and paper waste during company lunches or when employees order delivered food. It’s also great to have these on hand when people outside of the office come in for company lunch meetings.

5. Keep an eye on the temperature

Offices are often overly air-conditioned in the summer months, even in Malta’s heatwaves! You will often see employees wearing sweatshirts and jackets in the warm months inside offices. Instead of keeping the office colder than Antarctica, try setting the temperature at a comfortable level. Remember, the higher your thermostat reads, the more energy consumed and the more money spent!

Reusable Cutlery

6. Encourage a greener transport system

Let’s face it – with an island as small as Malta, some employees are bound to live close to each other. Encourage employees to lower commuting emissions by carpooling, taking public transport, walking or biking to work. You can go a step further and offer incentives when doing so. Moreover, offering a work-from-home option can also reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Ride sharing

Bonus tip: A little greenery never hurt anybody!

The benefits of office plants are numerous! Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing on your employees’ desks, plants can help reduce your office’s carbon emissions while also purifying the air in your office. They also provide a cleaner and happier space for employees to work in.

When it comes to going green and more sustainable, the biggest obstacle is changing human behaviour. However, if you include employee incentives and encourage these small changes, your office can turn green in no time!

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