6 Things You Might Not Know Your Home Insurance Covers

6 Things You Might Not Know Your Home Insurance Covers

Home insurance can help protect a home that you’ve worked so hard to build and are undoubtedly proud of.  As you settle into your new home, you may experience a few issues such as a broken water pipe. But it’s not just bricks and stones that home insurance policy covers.  A Home Insurance Policy from Laferla can provide you with so much more, depending on the package you choose.

Here are 6 things you might not know that Home Insurance may cover:


  1. Accidental Loss or Damage to Personal Belongings and Valuables at Home or even when Travelling

Did you know that most of your personal belongings such as clothes, laptops, and mobile phones, to mention a few, are covered under your home insurance policy? You could even have your most prized possessions insured when they’re not at home, whether out and about in Malta or also worldwide if required. This accidental loss or damage cover could be applied to most of your personal belongings that you would typically carry with you, such as jewellery, watches, mobile phones or tablets/laptops. There is also the option for ‘unspecified’ items to be insured anywhere in Malta (so, if you lose your wallet for instance – you’re covered)! Tip: Don’t forget to file a police report for any stolen items! Your insurers will need this as part of the validation process when opening your claim.


  1. Home Insurance for Change of Lock if you get Locked Out

It’s happened to the best of us, we can’t find our house keys and are locked outside.  A home insurance policy will cover the cost of changing part of or replacing the locks, if you lose your keys or if they’re stolen.  This also applies for the keys to doors inside your house too as well as doors to a safe or alarm system. Bonus: Calling the 24/7 call centre number dedicated to Laferla clients will have a locksmith sent to your aid immediately and at no cost.


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  1. Loss or Damage to Christmas, Wedding and Graduation Gifts

There’s nothing worse than receiving the gift you’ve been waiting for, only for it to be damaged soon after.  A home insurance policy can cover the loss or damage to gifts, but don’t wait too long to inform your insurance provider about the value of any new gifts! Usually, you’d need to update your home insurance policy within 30 days of receiving the gift/s that would increase your insured values.


  1. Loss of Freezer Contents through your Home Insurance

We all hate a power cut.  What are we to do without light, or worse, without internet? It may not be the first concern on your mind, but a power cut can also, depending on its length, cause your freezer contents to go off. Your home insurance policy can also pay for the replacement of frozen food in your freezer at home resulting from a rise or fall in temperature, such as a non-deliberate power-cut lasting a certain duration, as well as contamination from the refrigerant or refrigerant fumes.


  1. Your Personal Liability within the Maltese Islands

As standard cover with a home insurance policy from Laferla, your policy will also cover your legal liability if somebody is accidentally injured or even dies on your property, or if you accidentally cause damage to a neighbouring property, for instance.  Did you know that the policy is automatically extended to cover your personal liability anywhere in the Maltese islands, not just inside your home?


  1. Damage to Pedal Cycles and Sports Equipment

There’s no more reason to avoid working out! Pedal cycles such as a bicycle for instance, as well as certain attachments, are also covered by your home insurance policy when it is being used for activities other than professional sporting activities.


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Whilst some of the above cover is standard with your chosen Laferla home insurance package,  get in touch with us to increase your cover or read more here.