6 Different Workouts to Shake up your Exercise Routine

6 Different Workouts to Shake up your Exercise Routine

Dumbbells, barbells, sets…. It all might get a little monotonous.  From time to time, veer off your usual workout routine and add something new to add a little spice to your exercise.  This will help prevent demotivation, as well as give your body a rest from the exercises it is used to doing and so prevent injury. And the best thing about these workouts is that you don’t need to be a pro to do them.

Here are 6 workouts to shake up your exercise routine:

  1. Cycling

A bike is a great investment that will allow you to explore whilst exercising.  Whether you have plans to go on a picnic, or if you just want to explore your surroundings, cycling is a great way to get some exercise in on sunny days. It also takes off the pressure from your joints and helps with endurance whilst allowing you to keep up your cardio.


  1. Yoga

Yoga is not only great for recovery, but it’s also a fantastic way to improve flexibility.  In turn, flexibility will help improve your range of motion when exercising and helps build core strength.


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  1. Swimming

Get your lungs working while resting your joints with a good swim workout. And it’s not just possible in summer.  Sign up to a gym with a heated pool and start acing those laps! Swimming is also a great full-body workout, and you can use different strokes to target different muscles.


  1. Walking

For less intensive days, going for a stroll in the park is something you can do with friends, or fit in simply by parking your car further away from your destination.  It’s also a great way to improve your endurance.


  1. Hiking

If you find walking a bit too monotonous, take it a step further and go for a hike.  Hiking will help you continue with your cardio and endurance training, but with a change of scenery and perhaps a few challenges. But it’s always worth the view once you reach the top.


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  1. Dancing

Try a dancing class!  Whether it is ballet, hip-hop or contemporary, dancing will get your blood pumping. It’s also a fun workout and a little bit different, but a good alternative to cardio.


Whatever workout you choose, make your health a priority. Get a quote on Laferla’s health insurance packages, or contact us for more information.