5 Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet This Summer

5 Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet This Summer

The days are getting longer, the sun is higher in the sky and the temperatures are rising- there is no doubt that summer is just around the corner. With the change in weather comes a change in lifestyle and potentially a change in diet.

Here are the top 5 healthy summer foods for you to integrate into your diet to make sure you stay on top of your health and wellbeing throughout this sunny season.

1. Berries

Summer sun and delicious, juicy berry flavours most definitely go hand in hand, but did you know that they are also extremely healthy for you? Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries all offer huge amounts of Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants, meaning that you can stay healthy and refreshed whilst boosting your immune system at the same time. They are also great for those of you with a sweet tooth as they serve as an alternative to sweets and chocolates.

2. Avocado

You cannot log onto Instagram or a food blog these days without catching sight of this green, gooey delight. Whilst they may not look that appetising to some, we guarantee that as soon as you try it, you will be enamoured with its creamy, nutty, and slightly sweet flavour. Furthermore, they are incredibly healthy and filling, full of fibre and protein, and are incredibly versatile. Spread them on toast, chop it up in a salad, make a spicy dip, or just dig in with a spoon- however you like to eat them, they make the perfect summer snack.

3. Melons

Melons of all types are a perfect summer food. Offering a delicate balance of juicy, freshness, and a sweet, fragrant flavour they are perfect to be eaten on their own or put into a delicious fruit salad. You can even freeze them for the particularly hot days, or if you are feeling devilish, put them into a cocktail or smoothie. They are full of vitamins and have a high-water content, meaning that they are perfect for keeping you hydrated during a day at the beach!


Seafood or fish makes an ideal summer meal due to the fact it is light, easy to digest, and perfect eaten hot or cold. Fish is full of oils and antioxidants that are great for your skin, hair, and bones. You can barbecue it at the beach, or make a delicious, light soup that is just right for a lunchtime snack. It is without a doubt one of the leanest and most healthy protein sources you can devour and you can eat almost as much as you like, without feeling guilty!

5. Oranges

We all know that oranges are good for us, but did you know why they are especially good for us during the summer months? Oranges are rich in potassium which is something we lose a lot of when we sweat. A loss of potassium can cause us to feel sluggish and even get muscle cramps (not fun when you are swimming!). What’s more, these sweet, juicy, citrus fruits are around 80% water which means that as well as tasting yummy and being extremely good for you- they are just perfect for rehydrating you when you are out and about.

Summertime is a time to sit back, relax, and take a well-deserved break to enjoy the glorious sunshine. Adding a couple of these healthy summer foods into your diet (along with a lot of water) will definitely help you to stay tip-top this season. Also, why not get covered with health insurance to have your mind at rest and enjoy this sunny season to the full? Get your free instant quote today.

written by Keith Laferla

Assistant General Manager