5 Great Experiences You Don’t Need to Travel For

5 Great Experiences You Don’t Need to Travel For

With almost six months of no or restricted travel, for those travel addicts, the global pandemic has started to take a toll on our mental wellbeing too.  With Malta being so small, it’s often difficult to find great experiences, that are new and exciting, to enjoy. Yet despite appearances on account of its size, Malta does have a lot to offer, from the unique to the adventurous, and even the unexpected.


Dolphin Watching

Malta may not be known for its wildlife, but we do have some beautiful creatures that inhabit our waters.  You do not have to travel far to go dolphin watching, as these beautiful creatures are sometimes spotted at our very doorstep. If you haven’t been lucky enough to spot these graceful animals with your own boat, Ecomarine Malta offers educational marine life spotting tours, that will bring out child-like delight in you and teach you about these sublime creatures.


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Light Aircraft Flying

No need to book a holiday abroad to experience the view of Malta from above.   A flight on a light aircraft, which could be on anything from a microlight to a twin-engine aircraft, offers views of the island unlike any other.  Flying below the average altitude of airliners, a sightseeing trip on one of these planes will show you Malta like never before.  Who knows, you might even try your hand at taking a flying lesson.  Besides having their very own school, Buzz Flying has different aircraft available that will give you the experience of a lifetime.


Scuba Diving

It’s no secret that Malta offers one of the world’s best scuba diving sites.  With a number of wrecks to explore, and beautiful blue clear water, scuba diving anywhere else might even be a let-down. There are plenty of reliable and qualified scuba diving organisations located all over the island to give you those mermaid feet.


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Wine Tasting

Whilst the vineyards in Italy and Montenegro a sight to behold, Malta has its own local wineries producing a range of flavours.  Experience a short tour at one of these wineries, followed by a tasting of wine coupled with local produce, and feel like a tourist in your own country.  There amongst the vines, it’s easy to forget where you are and to absorb yourself into total relaxation.



Over the years, Malta has expanded its flavours overseas as people from different backgrounds settled on the island.  From Japanese cuisine to Mediterranean, Chinese food to Korean, and one of our favourites, Vietnamese, there’s no shortage of exotic new food to try.


It’s important to take care of our mental well being by still finding activities and great experiences we can enjoy both locally and responsibly.  Besides many other benefits, a Gold Plan at Laferla covers psychiatric treatment.  Get in touch with us today to learn more.