5 Courses for Parents with Young Children

5 Courses for Parents with Young Children

Being a new parent is the best time of your life, but it can also be the most stressful.  Watching your little ones grow may be such a delight but seeing them encounter danger of any sort can be a reality check.  Things that we as adults take for granted become hazards for young children who may not yet recognise a dangerous situation or how to prevent it. As a parent, our role is to be aware of those dangers and try to prevent or reconcile them whenever they are near.  Here are 5 short courses for parents and/or children to educate themselves of such dangers, and what to do if ever in that situation:


A First Aid Course

Accidents happen, and when you have little ones around, they seem to occur the moment your head is turned – even if it’s only for one minute.  With plenty of classes available in person and online, a first aid course will help you learn vital life-saving skills in the case of an emergency.  To be even safer, Paediatric First Aid Courses for parents will focus on emergencies specifically associated with young children.


Swimming Lessons

Not only is swimming an essential life skill, but knowing how to keep afloat at a very young age is crucial in case a child accidentally falls into a pool of water.  There is the belief that babies are already accustomed to water having spent the very beginning of their life in their mother’s womb. As a result, there are swimming classes for children as young as 3 months old.



Fire Warden Class

A fire can break out easily and spread just as fast.   Fire warden courses for parents can teach you what to do it the case of an emergency and how to react quickly, how to use extinguishing and other safety equipment, avoid fire risks as well as other important objectives. For classes that last as little as a day of training, a day of your life can mean the difference between saving the rest of it and that of your child.


Road Safety Workshop

The older they get, the less our kids want to hold our hands. Road safety is not only important for children, but it is a lifelong understanding that we take with us into adulthood.  Children must understand the multiple yet basic visual street rules which is critical for their safety, such as a zebra crossing or traffic lights, as well as the importance of other factors such as wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle. Attending a Road Safety Education for Children workshop such as those organised by Transport Malta can help parents and children tackle the issue together.


Internet Safety

The dangers around us are not just present in the physical world, but the digital one too. In recent years, the awareness surrounding internet safety has increased, and digital platforms are taking steps to ensure user safety, especially that of children. For example, music giant Spotify has launched a child version with specially chosen and appropriate tracks for kids.  Attending classes related to internet safety or preparing your own class for your child through the available online printable worksheets, can help fight off cyber dangers.



Danger is all around us, and when we become parents, our concerns are suddenly amplified. A Silver or Gold Health Plan from Laferla will even be there from the very start of your child’s life, covering certain expenses related to consultations, examinations and tests during pregnancy as well as childbirth.