4 Boat Insurance Extensions to Consider

4 Boat Insurance Extensions to Consider

As the days get longer, the temperature slowly starts to rise and the wind starts to die down, there’s no place better to be than on a boat anchored at one of Malta’s beautiful beaches.  As a boat owner, you would want to get the most out of your boat this summer, whether it’s spending a few nights on board, travelling to other beaches across the Mediterranean, or just simply exploring new beaches and coves. Whatever you choose to do with your boat this summer, make sure you have the right boat insurance coverage.  Some activities you may opt for might not be covered with your basic insurance cover and require an extension to your policy. Here are 4 boat insurance extensions you may not know you needed.

  1. Water Skiers Extension

It’s a beautiful day, and the sea is calmer than you’ve ever seen it.  You think it may be fun to take turns water skiing or waterboarding.  If you plan to do this, you’ll need additional cover as water skiing is not covered by default under your marine hull policy.  An extension would cover any damage that might incur from an accident as well as any legal liabilities.  In any case, always make sure to have a responsible onlooker onboard the vessel beside the skipper, in order to keep an eye on the water-skier.


  1. Racing Risk Extension

If sailing is your passion, then you probably have been tempted to take part in one of the many races organised in our waters.  Since racing entails quite different risks from those encountered when sailing for leisure, you will need to take out an extension on your policy, for racing to be adequately covered. If you love racing, be sure to catch our very own Laferla Insurance sponsored race boat ‘S/Y Ton Ton’ at one of the races this year!


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  1. Chartering Extension

Sailing is great fun, and so you might think to yourself – why not make some money out of it?  Chartering out your boat could make you some extra cash, and if you skipper the boat yourself then it’s the ideal day job! Chartering and other commercial activities are excluded from standard boat insurance policies, so ask your insurer for more information on a chartering extension before you decide to hire out your boat.


Boat Insurance Extensions


  1. Machinery Breakdown Extension

A comprehensive boat insurance policy will cover you for many things that fall within the stipulated terms and conditions, whether it’s accidental damage to your boat, liability to others or personal accident.  A machinery breakdown extension will go a step further and also cover any damage or loss to your vessel should you have an unexpected failure of machinery and batteries onboard that are not older than 6 years old.


If you want to make the best out of your boating days this summer, speak to Laferla Insurance regarding either a standard boat insurance policy as well as any extensions you might be interested in.