15 Malta-Made Gifts to Complete Your Christmas Shopping List

15 Malta-Made Gifts to Complete Your Christmas Shopping List

Christmas is fast approaching – the chilly weather has finally started to show it, the delicious festive chocolate options at the supermarket are taking prominence, and the pressure to buy Christmas gifts is definitely on! It’s time to start making that festive shopping list and getting gifts ticked off it.

There’s no better way to support local artists than by shopping local and getting your special people a local gift. Many Maltese artisans are producing presents that everyone will adore and be delighted to own.

To save you the trouble of searching for them all, we have done so here. There’s something for everyone’s budget on this list. You can thank us later!

1. A local plant-based cooking book

A Plant-Based Maltese Kitchen revisits old family recipes and transforms them into healthier iterations free of animal products. This cookbook provides a seasonal selection of delectable plant-based dishes that are simple to prepare and inspired by the long culinary tradition of the Maltese islands.

2. A Reversible Hooded Scarf from JennyJuiceWear

Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 fashionable item? We know, we do! Jenny Scicluna upcycles as much as possible and creates beautiful hooded scarfs and most of them are also reversible! All are unique and handmade with love!

3. A Squiggly Hand-Built Vase – THISS

For those who adore home decor and can classify as adventurous, THISS is your go-to shop! Apart from this amazing-looking fire-green vase, THISS recently launched a collaboration with Rebecca Bonnici. Items are all handmade, 100% ceramic and, of course, made with love!

4. Handmade Earrings by Ole Macrame

We love ourselves some handmade jewellery. Made from fibre art, this local artist is even making some festive earrings and other jewellery pieces to get their festive look shining bright!

5. Framed Malta Series – Te fit Tazza

These gifted Maltese designers have elevated nostalgia to fashion-forward status. You can’t go wrong with this present if you choose someone who is incredibly proud of their home, their nation, or their hipster identity.

6. Bonnymia Chopping Board

Don’t mind if we chop! When a chopping board looks this good, we don’t mind cooking at all! Bonnymia also does custom orders so you can send her a picture of your preferred Maltese tile and she will get cracking on her creative skills.

7. Local Soap from Sapun ta Malta

This exquisite yet environmentally friendly product is as regional as it gets because it is made with freshly extracted 100% Maltese olive oil! Soap from Sapun Ta’ Malta would undoubtedly bring joy to many this Christmas.

Laferla Christmas Soap

8. Ceramic Pot by Mediterranean Ceramics

Beautifully hand-painted by Mediterranean Ceramics, any home lover will appreciate a ceramic pot…especially when it’s this beautiful! You can view other ceramic pots of all sizes at Ta’ Qali Crafts Village.

Laferla Christmas Ceramic Pots

9. Inspirational Print by The Wallflower Company

Everyone needs an encouraging push forward every once in a while. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your other half, a best friend, or your grandma, The Wallflower Company has got you covered.

10. A Cute Scrunchie by Scrunched by Sara

You can never have too many scrunchies, right? One for every handbag…one in every room! Scrunched by Sara also takes customs orders and she makes every single scrunchie by hand.

Laferla Christmas Scrunchy

11. Rainbow Earrings by One Yellow Melon

These earrings are definitely ‘out there’ in terms of colour but we all have that brave friend, right?! These rainbow earrings are hand-made with love out of polymer clay.

Laferla Christmas Rainbow Earrings

12. Ceramic Cups & Mugs – Ceramics by Tiz

Do you have a family member that enjoys art and design and coffee/or tea? We’ve got the ideal concept. Beautiful ceramic cups and mugs made by this Maltese potter are the perfect gift idea! They also do custom orders for a more personal touch.

Laferla Christmas Ceramic Mugs

13. Room and Linen Spray by Stephen Cordina

This Rose & Citrus room and linen spray by Maltese perfumer Stephen Cordina, who is well-versed in aromatherapy, is likely to be a success with just about everyone. If we were to receive this luxurious fragrance for Christmas, we’d spritz it all over our homes!

Room and Linen Spray

14. A Handmade Fridge Magnet by Aloha Crafts

We all have that family member who has a fridge full of magnets! Whether it’s a father, an uncle or a grandma, Aloha Crafts is here to assist. From Xmas-themed fridge magnets to pet paw prints, they can do it all!

Handmade Fridge Magnet

15. Hand-Embroidered Hardbound Book – The Secret Rose

Ideal for a student or anyone who’s still a traditionalist at heart and writes notes/creative ideas on a hardbound diary instead of their phone. They’re our favourite kind of people. The Woodland Creatures collection is simply breathtaking!

Hand Embroided Book

We’ve sparked your inspiration, haven’t we? This Christmas, support local!