12 Hacks We’ve Learnt From Our Maltese Nannas

12 Hacks We’ve Learnt From Our Maltese Nannas

There’s nothing quite like a little bit of Nanna’s wisdom. Whenever you need a helping hand, a listening ear, or a good home-made dish of timpana, Nanna always comes to the rescue. If there’s something that Maltese Nannas are good at (and that’s plenty of things) it’s figuring out the best hacks to make your life ten times easier.

These hacks have been passed down through the generations, some older than your own Nanna and they’re still super effective which means they’re definitely worth a try, right?!


1. Always cook extra

Fitness fanatics, you might have some competition here! Maltese nannas have been doing meal prep since the beginning of time! Grannies always advise to cook extra of whatever’s on the menu. There’s bound to be that someone who simply loves your cooking and wants a second and third helping. Plus, if an unexpected visitor comes by, you can feed them (to be read, force-feed them)! Whatever’s left, you can freeze and enjoy later!


2. Buy in bulk

No one has time for weekly shopping nowadays! Make sure to buy everything in bulk so you never run out. The most important items to stock up on: kunserva, galletti, pasta, tuna, and beans.


3. Put your old t-shirts to good use

Are you in the process of re-organising your wardrobe? You’re bound to find some t-shirts or clothes that you’re definitely not going to be seen wearing in the light of day. Minimise your guilt by putting your old clothes to good use and turn them into rags.


4. Clean ceiling fans with a pillow case

Pillow cases have an untapped potential and it’s up to the nannas to unleash this hack to the world. Grab an old pillowcase and turn off the ceiling fan. Slide the fan blade all the way into the case while standing on a step stool (or your bed) then drag the fabric over the blade to remove any dust, making sure it all goes inside the pillow case. Repeat for every blade!


5. You can never have too many fridges

If your electricity bill can take it, nannas recommend having a second fridge to store all your leftovers and extra groceries. Buying in bulk will become so much easier if you have a second fridge as back-up.


6. Clean windows with newspapers

This might be an odd thing to hear but nannas are convinced that it works! Glass windows are a nightmare to clean and polish, especially when the sun is shining on them at that certain angle and you can spot every single detail. Cloths leave fluff so nannas are sure that newspapers will do the trick when it comes to streak-free polishing!


7. Get creative with your leftover pasta

Leftover pasta can make a variety of different meals such as timpana, your typical froga tat-tarja and imqarrun il-forn. There’s no doubt about it, nannas are your go-to for carb-loading!


8. Attention to detail can make or break your home

Nannas have many hidden talents…interior design is one of them. Irrelevant of size, attention to detail will make any room complete. Whether it’s adding 47 carefully arranged picture frames to an empty coffee table or detangling your carpet fringes to make them look neat, these tiny touches will give your place a refined finished look.


9. Use salt as an oil-stain remover

A white top and a delicious pizza from your local tal-pastizzi shop. We all know what happens next! The solution is meant to be a little fine table salt. Legend has it that the salt absorbs the stain’s oil, making cleanup simpler.


10. Always reuse good packaging

At this point, it’s probably been years since any of us has opened a large biscuit tin to find any actual biscuits. Disappointing as it may be, Nanna makes a good point. Quality packaging should never go to waste!


11. Keep soap bars in wardrobes and linen cupboards

Nannas know how to keep it fresh! Your clothes and linens will smell much better if you place a bar of soap in your drawers and closets. Put an entire bar of soap in each of your drawers, cut it into quarters, or shred the soap with a cheese grater and place it in sachets that hang in your wardrobe.


12. Stop your sauces from going mouldy by adding oil

There’s nothing that a little oil won’t fix! This nanna hack is proof of that. Rumour has it that a little layer of oil will prevent sauces in opened jars from going mouldy. How’s that for a life hack?!


How many of these nanna hacks did you know? Does your nanna have anything to add? Let us know!