10 Tips to Start Running

10 Tips to Start Running

Running is a great way to burn calories and make you feel great.  It’s also an inexpensive hobby that you can do almost anytime and anywhere, and almost anyone can give it a go.  Yet for a beginner, the thought of going might seem a bit daunting. By taking up running step by step, quite literally, you will soon find yourself addicted to the sport.  Read up on our top 10 tips to start running.

Top 10 Tips to Start Running

  1. Set a goal

You don’t need to sign up for a marathon to start running.  A goal of 5km, compared with a marathon’s 42.195km, is a great starting place. Go one step further and set a target time within which to achieve that goal, for example running 5km in 30 minutes.


  1. Kit Up!

The most important part of your running plan is the shoes you wear as not all trainers are made equally.  Some are designed for weight training, and others to play certain sports, but the ones we are looking are designed for running and usually have added cushion built-in in order to take the constant impact of your feet hitting the ground.  Ideally, go for a gait analysis which will determine the right shoe for you by assessing the way you run.  Having the right pair of shoes can avoid injuries in the long run.


  1. Music

Get your blood pumping with some good music that will motivate you to get moving.



  1. Set a training plan

One of the most important tips to start running is to set yourself a training plan that is easy to fit into your busy week. Better yet, consult a running coach to help you achieve your goals.


  1. Get a Running Buddy

Having somebody to run with can increase motivation, and most importantly, help you stick to your training schedule, and keep you company on late night runs. They can also help you keep to your pace and push you to go that little faster or further. If you cannot find anyone who wants to join you, sign up to a running club.


  1. Sign Up for a Race

Giving yourself a goal of this sort will ensure that you stick to your training plan, and hit your goal by a set target date.


  1. Stay Accountable

Another reason to get a running buddy or sign up for a race is to help you stay accountable.  Another way of doing that is to create an Instagram account dedicated to your training, so that your followers can keep up with your training and see when you miss a session!


  1. Control your Pace

A treadmill is a great way of doing this, but sometimes you’ll find yourself running outside the comfort of your gym.  Use a watch, heart monitor or an app to track your pace when running outdoors. Make sure you have a steady pace throughout your run, in order not to tire yourself out towards the end.


  1. Track your Progress

Keep yourself motivated by tracking the pace, time and distance of each run so you can see improvements.  You’ll be surprised how far you’ve come along.  A watch such as a Fitbit or Garmin is a great way to do this if you’re not using a treadmill.


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